Corporations and Small Business

InfoTech Worldwide, Inc. has years of experience in onsite education in facilities of all kinds. The teams at InfoTech have provided services for the educational needs of the workplace through federal grants administrated to employers through the Workforce Commission. Facilities such as manufacturing plants, construction companies, contractors, and service providers have enjoyed the knowledged gained through the teams right in their own workplace. Now as the expansion has come to online capabilities, InfoTech will be provided a rich knowledge-based program application of training of the highest caliber.

Types of Businesses and Industries Served Include:
School Districts and Other Educational Facilities
Food Service Industry
Banking Services Industry
Healthcare Services Industry
Real Estate Professionals
Construction Industry
Generic Sales and Management
Supply Chain Management
Non-Profit Fundraising



Sarah Russell
Director of Projects
"... The specific needs of our client base has put us in a unique niche expertise. We strive to adapt everything we teach to the basic needs of our clients, whether in small businesses or or global corporate communities ..."