Consultants Providing Training

Consulants, who are subject matter experts (SMEs) in their industries provide excellent training for organizations either onsite or online. These experts encompass a wide-range of expertise and abilities. These online and onsite courses are excellent sources of professional development and training for your business or industry. Consultants in our course offerings consist of SMEs with a long-standing presence in realms such as:

  • Non-Profits and Successful Operation of Capital Campaigns
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Healthcare Service Operations and Facility Profitability
  • Non-Confrontational Sales Approaches
  • Meeting Compliance in Food Service Industries
  • Professional development opportunities from consultants in related areas provide training for teachers in the K-12th grade professional areas. This training consists of providing new and innovative methodologies for teacher training and development. Areas of expertise are beneficial to school districts across the United States, and focus on providing practical expertise to teachers and facilitators.


    Sarah Russell
    Director of Projects
    "... Online learning is the modality of the future for rapid educational application. Schedule an appointment to find out about how our proprietary course creation can aid your business in both educational attainment and also the verification of the training process for inevitable problems that occur in workplace environments ..."
    Courses providing such innovative and practical approaches include:

  • Working with Limited-English Proficient Students in the Classroom
  • Raising the Bar for Training a New Generation of Leadership
  • Establishing Dignity and Respect in the Multi-Racial Classroom
  • Creating Role Models From Patterns of Diversity
  • Accessing the Technologies of Today in the Classroom
  • more